Artificial Input Test


As I have seriously concerned that maybe the NN implementation is buggy. One way to resolve this concern is to test with
an artificial data and insert artificial patterns.

I decided that a periodic 5 days SPX increase on increasing volume can be repeated as a pattern.
It looks like this:

My first version was deterministic. Later I modified it to be a little random (but not too much)
In Matlab code:
cycleOffset = 0;
for i = 1:1:nDaysArtif
spArtif(i,1) = 1110 + cycleOffset * 10 + rand(1,1)*10;
spArtif(i,2) = 1e+10 + cycleOffset * 1 * 1e+9 + rand(1,1)* 1e+9;
if (cycleOffset == 4)
cycleOffset = 0;
cycleOffset = cycleOffset + 1;

The NN learned the patter flawlessly.

AvgDailyGain: 1.4068%.
AvgDailyGain*260: 365.7767%.
Accumulated plotted gain in period:3629.4698%
the chart:

So, the NN works. It predicted the pattern in the last 260 days with 100% accuracy. So, it can recognize patters.
Why cannot it recognize the patterns in the SPX data?
Great questions of life.
Maybe the real life input lacks any pattern?


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